Litter G

Litter G comes from our lovely Bianca, a first-time mother, and the handsome Elesey. They had an impressive litter of 9 beautiful kittens, most of whom have already found their forever homes. These adorable girls are the last ones available and are eagerly looking for their forever families:

Girl 1

Girl 2


About the parents

Bianca has a wonderfully independent character but also loves to receive attention. She believes she’s the princess of our home and enjoys demonstrating this by jumping on our backs when we bend over, expecting us to become her personal bed for a little nap! When she wants attention, she adorably chirps in a high-pitched tone, making it impossible to resist her charm. She has a uniquely silver coat that has a gorgeous sheen to it that is smooth and sleek to the touch.

Elesey is an extremely loving and vocal cat, primarily only to my son. Whenever he sees my son, he will jump up onto his shoulders and stay there for a good 10 minutes, talking and murmuring away with my son. He is the epitome of a handsome 'English style' Russian Blue with his dark, coarse and plushy fur coat which contrasts beautifully with his striking emerald eyes. Additionally, he has a strong yet elegant build with amazingly soft round cheeks!