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What is a hypoallergenic cat?

Russian Blues are often known for being considered a 'Hypoallergenic' breed, but what does this mean? Hypoallergenic cats are those that are believed to produce fewer allergens than other cats, making them potentially more suitable for individuals with cat allergies. The primary source of cat allergies is a protein called Fel d 1, which is found in a cat's saliva, skin glands, and urine.

Are all Russian Blue cats hypoallergenic?

While Russian Blue cats are often considered hypoallergenic, it's essential to note that no cat breed is entirely hypoallergenic. People with cat allergies typically react to a protein found in a cat's saliva and skin particulates rather than the fur itself. The amount of this protein that is produced will vary from cat to cat and is determined by particular factors i.e genetics.

Russian Blues, however, are known to produce fewer allergens than some other breeds. Their short, dense coat and lower levels of the specific glycoprotein Fel d 1, which is a common allergen, contribute to this reputation. Individuals with mild cat allergies may find that they tolerate being around Russian Blues better than some other breeds.

Nevertheless, individual reactions can vary, and it's advisable for anyone with allergies to spend time with a Russian Blue before committing to having one as a pet. Regular grooming and cleaning can also help reduce the spread of allergens in the environment

Do Russian Blues shed a lot?

While they do shed, they are not known for excessive shedding compared to some other cat breeds. Their coat is easy to groom, and regular brushing can help reduce loose hair and minimize shedding.

Generally, Russian Blues are considered a low-maintenance breed in terms of grooming especially due to their short, dense coat that lies close to their body. They tend to groom themselves efficiently, which contributes to keeping their coat in good condition. Despite shedding less than some other breeds, it's still a good idea to brush them regularly to keep their coat healthy and to reduce the amount of loose hair around the house.